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Only You

Can Change Your Life

This is where the Magic Happens.

So let me show you where the magic happens!
This is my brand new purpose built studio and deck where we will train and workout.
I use body weight, dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands and my very active imagination to give you a great session.
Your programme will be designed with your goals, preferences and any limitations or injuries in mind. 

We will use all of this equipment to make you functionally fitter and stronger for life. We are all getting older and losing muscle mass quicker than we were in our 20s, however you can literally turn back the clock on ageing – let me help you do that.  

Have the strength and energy to do normal things like running, jumping, carrying heavy items or climbing stairs without it feeling hard.  This is functional fitness for life and we all need it as without health can you really be truly happy?

16 Overslade Road, SoLihull B91 3NA

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