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My personal story is that about 18 months ago I visited a hypnotherapist for help with an issue I couldn’t shake off.
After one session I was cured and convinced enough to be sure I wanted to learn to do this myself, for others.
I still find it amazing how it is possible to quickly and effectively change habits and patterns of behaviour that we have had for so long.

So how does it work –


It’s quite simple really, your subconscious/unconscious mind is your autopilot and runs the programs constantly in the background which we have unknowingly installed over and over.

It’s hard to access your subconscious mind day to day as your conscious mind – the thinking and doing part takes over. In hypnosis we quieten the busy, conscious mind giving access to the subconscious through deep relaxation. At this point your subconscious mind is incredibly receptive and open to positive suggestion, so I simply implant the behaviours you want or take away the ones you don’t.

It is nothing to be concerned about, you are always in control and can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any point if you choose. I’ve never had anybody do this as it is an incredibly pleasant experience. It’s time for you, when you don’t have to worry or concern yourself with anything at all apart from your own wellbeing.

A typical session for weight loss would start with a thorough conversation to establish what it is you want to be different when you walk out of the room.

It could be you want to stop snacking, eat smaller portions, make healthier choices or do more exercise. I’ll establish your why in our consultation and use this to positively implant these suggestions. Often we look to your future self in 3 – 6 – 12 months time, how you will look, feel and behave. Having this image planted in your subconscious mind will act as a constant reminder for why you want to do this, keeping you on track when at other times you may have lost faith.
I also practice hypnosis for smoking cessation, anxiety and phobias.


I have tried all forms of stopping smoking including vapes, Allen Carr courses, books and nicotine replacement therapies and none have worked for more than 24 hours and I have felt stressed and anxious whilst trying these methods. I contacted Orla through a local community website and we discussed my options moving forward. Orla offered me hypnosis on a one to one basis and assured me I could do it. Upon meeting Orla she soon put me at ease and she came across in a very professional manner. We spoke for about 45 minutes before we did the actual hypnosis treatment covering off all of my patterns of smoking and the benefits of what not smoking would give me. The experience of the actual hypnosis was very relaxing and calming and since then I have not smoked a single cigarette and have found the whole process very easy. Orla continued to stay in contact with me after the session offering encouragement and support. We did a second session after a week to just reinforce the hypnotism and this again helped. I no longer feel the craving for cigarettes or think about them either. Orla is very committed to helping people improve themselves and herself is an example of how if we want to do something with the right support and methods we can easily achieve our goals.
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