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Exercise & Daily Movement

Let's get moving!!

Are you lacking the motivation or desire to exercise or even move more than absolutely necessary?
You’re not alone -that’s no secret as approximately 40% of adults do no exercise at all. What is little known, is that you do have that motivation, you just need to start and it will slowly but surely appear. However it will rarely if ever just show up out of the blue. 
Most people need to move more than they currently do. Work has become more sedentary and the covid hangover of working from home means even the daily movement of a commute has been lost.
One of the first things we’ll do is look at ways to incorporate more daily, enjoyable movement into your routine to improve your physical and mental well being.
As we age we proportionately lose more muscle mass than we did previously, so we need to work to build it. Resistance or weight training will encourage your body to do this. Everyone wants to look toned – this holy grail is actually reduced body fat so that you can see the developed muscle underneath. If you just lose weight through dieting alone you will get slim, but you won’t ever look toned.

No need to worry if you haven’t done it before – neither had I until a few years ago. It’s not difficult, we will start off slow and you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve. There is actually a beginners sweet spot where you can very effectively lose body fat through calorie deficit whilst simultaneously growing muscle mass, so big changes can happen quite quickly. Please do not worry, you will not bulk up or get big – this is very difficult for ladies. Your sessions with me will be 50 minutes long. They will be challenging, good fun and productive. I will want you to workout at home , but this can be as little as two half hour sessions a week, and i wont make you do burpees!!!

You may be telling yourself a story that you hate exercise, you can’t do it, it’s too late, you’re no good at it. It’s just a story and none of that is true – we can change that story together.
A good level of daily movement and regular workouts will improve your mood, cardiovascular health, help you lose weight, make you stronger and critically more equipped to deal with life on many levels.
That positive spring in your step you felt you lost somewhere along the way will bound back into your life.

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